Monday, July 17, 2006

ShortStory1 cont...

well i am continuing my short story....
i pretty much grew up in a bad invironment!i mean my mom did everything in her power to make me and my older brother michael by 17 months happy.but it really didnt work too damn well.cause i was soo fuckin miserable growing up.and i knew that my mom and brother was too.i dont really know how the three of us actially survived in all the chaos that "dad" would put us through.
but some way or another we did.yo,the only thing that my dad has done for me was buy me cigerates,weed,ice and alcohol.hes a fuckin piece of shit and most probably always will be.but,i still love him.even through all the shit ive gone through.its already 16 years,i feel like ive gone through soo much in my life.more than a grouwn person has!noone really understands why i do the things i do.honestly,i dont even understand why i do the things that i do.most people say thats my only excuss..but really its not!
i always ask myself why I have to go through all this i the only one out there?i would like to come across someone that has gone through what i have.but i have not found any luck yet.truely,i hope i never come across anyone that has been through what all i have!because it is nothing fun or exciteing..i look around and i see young kids makeing up lies about their own flesh and blood,their family...i member when i use to try an talk about my family,most people thought i was just another kid looking for some type of attention.but really all of it was true.
yeah,every now and then id stretch it a little bit.but really,i just wanted someone to see all the AGONY that me and my family was going through.damn.....i knnow that i keep getting off subject,its just that i have alot to say.i doubt that ill be done with this so called "short story" anytime


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