Tuesday, July 04, 2006


have you ever felt so alone...like noone really cared about you,but all your family does is tell you how much they love you and they want you to do right?but you really didnt give a care,and just brushed them aside?

well,ive been there and ive done that.i was young and dumb.but i cannot keep useing that as an excuse.i am still young,only 16..but i have come to realize..after being locked up for about 15 months..

see,i never really got into any trouble.a few battery charges,pety theft....i would get into trouble at school for small things like not being in dresscode,confrontations,etc...but,i dont know what was in me this one day.

i was such an angry teen.ever since i was a todler.mom said since i was able to crawl-walk i was always into things.i would touch everything in sight.but yet,my looks of innosence would fool everybody...

to really make a long story short my parents got divorced when i was in the 5th grade,within a year mom got a new boyfriend,i absolutely hated him!we ended up moveing out here to rockridge in the middle of the woods....

she got pregnant..i was so angry!!i didnt really know what to do!after she had the baby i realized that Logan *baby* was my life!i still didnt care too much for moms boyfriend.

to be continued.......


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